We believe the best advertisement for the plant-based movement is a healthy, thriving plant-based individual. Our mission is to strengthen each member of this community, and we do this through organic, sustainably crafted nutrients, tailor-made for our tribe.

Whether you’re vegan for the animals, plant-based for your health, or somewhere in between for the environment, you are one of us. You're making the world a brighter place, ensuring a better tomorrow for our next generation. So we're dedicated to making sure that you are the best possible version of you.

We believe the future is plant-based. A tipping point is fast approaching. Medical doctors and research clinicians have amassed tremendous evidence pointing to the power of plant-based nutrition to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic diseases — illnesses that cost trillions of dollars and destroy far too many lives. At the same time, the scientific community has provided compelling data on why a plant-based diet is the most environmentally friendly way to live — and the only sustainable way to feed a growing global population. Finally, an awareness of the atrocities inherent to industrial-scale animal agriculture is driving more and more people to reject the status quo.

As a result of these forces, millions of individuals have chosen a different route, a more conscious way of living. And our ranks are growing exponentially every year.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have become aware of these truths — the impact of our food choices and the power of plant-based nutrition. That awareness certainly feels like a form of enlightenment, and we want to share that gift with as many people as possible through our company, Lightdrop.

We’re on a mission to provide every plant-based individual with the knowledge about, and access to, the essential nutrients required to thrive. We believe the best way to win the war of ideas is to lead by example — that means glowing from the inside out, and that starts with incredible nutrients.