Our Story

We demand a lot from our bodies and minds. That’s why we eat a whole food, plant-based diet. By consuming plants in whole form, we maximize the intake of almost every critical nutrient — far more than what the standard American diet provides.

Still, to optimize our diet for performance and long-term health, there are a few pieces of the puzzle missing.

To be clear, plants are extremely nutrient-dense — but there are micronutrients that (despite what many plant-purists like to believe) don’t come from plants.

B12, for instance, comes from soil bacteria. In theory, some should remain on the produce we eat, but these days, we wash our vegetables. In doing so, we wash off whatever B12 was there.

Likewise, Vitamin D comes from the sun, but our 21st century lifestyle requires us to work indoors during daylight hours. Plus, our clothes cover most of our skin, blocking the sun’s rays and thereby limiting our bodies’ capacity to synthesize Vitamin D. (You can learn more about missing nutrients here.)

Like many health-conscious vegans, we relied on a combination of supplements to fill these gaps. But buying multiple bottles of isolated supplements is expensive and inconvenient. The alternative — relying on a multivitamin — came with drawbacks too; we didn’t want a mega-dose of every vitamin known to man. We like to derive our nutrients from whole, natural plant sources — not from isolated ingredients in unnecessarily large doses.

What we wanted wasn’t a supplement, but rather, a complement: a simple way of getting the exact nutrients missing from a reasonably diverse plant-based diet … and absolutely nothing more.

Unfortunately, that didn’t exist. So we got to work.

We obsessed over every detail, from the bioavailability of specific combinations of nutrients and different delivery modalities, to the highest-quality sourcing of vegan micronutrients and the choice of manufacturing partners, whose dedication to excellence we require (after all, they’re playing a role in our families’ health).

The result of our sleepless endeavor is Complement — everything a plant-based individual needs in order to thrive, all in one place, and absolutely nothing else.

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